3D Scanning Services for the entertainment industry. Our locations include Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Montreal. Character scans are available as well as props, vehicles, buildings, or entire environments. We utilize structured-light, LIDAR, and photogrammetry.
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Welcome to TNG Visual Effects

TNG Visual Effects provides 3D scanning services to the visual effects industry. 3D scanning is the process of digitally capturing a person, object, vehicle, building, or environment for use in film, telelvsion, video games, etc. We've also lent our services to other industries for 3D printing and for marketing merchandise and art. This service can be used for crime scene investigation, the creation of prosthetics, and to build out a virtual experience online.

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With over 10 years of experience in the 3D scanning industry, we have honed our technique in 3D scanning alongside the production crews on set. Our service includes a professional photo shoot, which is necessary for both color textures and reference to ensure accuracy of the real-life counterpart.

We are highly mobile and can bring our services to any location. Our headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, with satellite locations in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Lafayette, Louisiana. We are also expanding into New York, Toronto and Montreal. As veterans in this industry, we understand short time-frames and tight budgets.

The data we provide in our full service is retopoligized color textured 3d models in .OBJ format with displacement maps and normal maps, which are generated through the scan data for more accurate results. Other maps are available on request, and at any dimensions you may need (even 8k). 

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3D Scanned Head from TNG VFXCG head scan mounted on CG maquette scan with CG hair and eyes


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About TNG Visual Effects


Nick Tesi

TNG Visual Effects is a group of uniquely talented 3D scanning professionals dedicated to one thing – making you look good! Our team is built on a foundation of 25 years in the industry.

Founder, Nick Tesi, started working in 1986 with one of the first 3D animation systems and is well-regarded among his peers as a true expert in the visual effects industry.

TNG is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and has satellite offices in Louisiana and Vancouver. It is our mission to be located across North America in areas that are convenient for our customers where we can best serve them and provide the highest level of quality and efficient service. TNG Visual Effects was built on the core belief that a client should receive more than expected with uncompromised integrity.

The entire team at TNG offers the right mix of technological know-how, mobility, customer service, efficiency and affordability. Our experience includes working with Fox, Summit Entertainment, Evergreen Productions, HBO, Stargate Studios, Acne Media, Blur Studios, The Mill, Zoic Studios, yU+co, Warner Bros., and Luma Pictures on feature films, commercials, and well-known action television shows (both mini-series and episodics). We have also worked in the gaming industry, leveraging our experience with such companies as THQ, Midway, Sony, 2K Sports, Bioware, and EA.

Music videos have begun using our technology, and can be seen in John Legend and David Guetta's recent work. With the uprise of 3d printing, more people have approached us with items they desire to be scanned, and then printed. The automobile industry is interested in our ability to scan cars for use on their website or commercials.

More Companies TNG Worked With 
More Companies TNG Worked With

More Companies TNG Worked With

Welcome to TNG VFX. Enjoy your stay. 3D Scanning in the Entertainment Industry