Buildings, Cars, and Props

With the use of various types of technology, we are able to capture very large scale objects.
Our 3D laser scanning services include cityscapes, buildings, helicopters, cars, ships, production sets, and more!

TNG Town

Faro Technology

The Faro Laser Scanner is a portable measurement system that accurately captures 3D data. The 3D laser scanning system rotates a complete 360 degrees, measuring and scanning the landscape, buildings, cars, trucks, and anything else in the scene. It can be used in a wide range of industries to make geometrical measurements. The Faro Laser scanner is highly precise in creating fully mapped out three dimensional environments.



Lidar Technology

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a 3D scanning technology that can measure distances by aiming its laser beam in a wide range, rotating its head horizontally. It delivers unparalleled accuracy and detail. Often used in fields such as geology, forestry, archaeology, geography, and seismology, we provide the same high-detailed LIDAR scans for the entertainment industry. This technology is very fast and mobile. It is also possible to make the LIDAR system airborne by means of helicopter. The aircraft is flown over a series of paths across the location. The data is then processed, resulting in a dense mesh.


3D Scanned Cars and Props

TNG Visual Effects has access to a variety of 3D scanning technologies. We apply different methods and techniques depending on our clients specification and needs. We use our 3D scanning systems to capture your sets, exteriors and interiors of