Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCMP Full Body Scan





As part of another one of our 3D scanning projects, we used our 3D scanning visual effects technology to show the versatility of wardrobe by hiring talent dressed in RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) uniform. Known as the national police force of Canada, they enforce federal laws throughout Canada including: drug trafficking, border integrity, organized crime, and counter-terrorism.

While in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we performed the 3D character body scan along with his hat, gun holster, belt, and boots. Our artists processed the data, re-topologized the surface, laid out UVs, applied textures, and sculpted the geometry. The result is a clean, realistic model that can be rigged and animated for use in Film, TV Shows, Commercials, or Games.

We are happy to provide the right mix of efficiency and affordability while maintaining high resolution with our precise, detailed 3D scans to meet your visual effects needs.

RCMP Head Scan