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Let TNG Visual Effects give you a jump on the digital asset creation process for your film, television or video game production. Choose 3D scanning!

The process is simple, fast, and efficient.

3D scanning is the non-invasive process of replicating any existing object, person, animal, vehicle, environment, structure, etc… and creating it’s virtual representation. The end product is a photorealistic 3D CG model. While these models are most commonly used to support VFX work in film, television and video game production, the possibilities are endless.

The team at TNG Visual Effects boasts 3D scanning services that can scan just about anything, anywhere, anytime. Our 3D scanning is high quality, as well as fast and portable. We can be at your location of choice to scan your people or objects quickly, and cost effectively. No more long set up times and large shipping costs. Our 3D scanning process can save you significant time and money without sacrificing quality. What 3D digital assets can we create for you?

Vehicle Scan Chevelle


Head Scan


"What can I say about Nick Tesi except that he always delivers and does a terrific job. Over the past many years, I have had great experiences with Nick Tesi when I hire him to do any type of cyber scanning. His 3D digital models are superb and are of very high quality. I know I can count on Nick to help create digital actors or digital models for any type of show. I would highly recommend Nick and his team for projects that requires any type of 3D cyber scanning. Thanks Nick for your help on Vamps. See you on the next big one!"

Susan Zwerman - VFX Producer

"I selected TNG Visual Effects and Nick Tesi for my 3D scanning needs based on our past history on other projects. He has always delivered on time at the price we agreed upon. His company is reliable and always proved to be a good choice of vendors. On my last project Nick arranged Lidar scanning and all worked out perfect. Nick has always been prompt, and helpful in supporting me to find the correct solutions."

John Sullivan - VFX Supervisor

Mobile Scanning

Mobile Scanning

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Welcome to TNG VFX. Enjoy your stay. 3D Scanning in the Entertainment Industry