3D Scanning Services for the entertainment industry. Our locations include Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Montreal. Character scans are available as well as props, vehicles, buildings, or entire environments. We utilize structured-light, LIDAR, and photogrammetry.


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With the use of various types of technology, we are able to capture very large scale objects.
Our 3D laser scanning services include cityscapes, buildings, helicopters, cars, ships, production sets, and more!

TNG 3D Scanned Truck

Dodge Challenger 3D Scan

 TNG Chevelle

3D scanning a car with LIDAR.

The LIDAR 3D scanners emit an actual laser, which sweeps a scene capturing millions of points in the form of a point cloud. LIDAR can be used for any type of large object including vehicles, buildings and environments. When 3D scanning an environment or scene there are preparations to make to account for the needed alignment of the data after capture. These same methods can be used for a car. They include 'paper targets' which are taped to the walls which the 3D scanner will see and be able to use for alignment. Another helper for alignment are spheres which can be used to populate a room and likewise with paper targets help the entire system align one scan to the next It's necessary to take multiple scans for ideal coverage, ideal resolution of all parts, and because LIDAR scanners are line-of-sight, which means that for example if you were sitting in a chair in front of a monitor, you wouldn't be able to see the back of the monitor without standing up and moving yourself to the side or behind the monitor. Reflections can interfere with 3D scan captures, and so for cars it is ideal to have the car coated in a type of wax which will harden to a more solid surface, which the 3D scanner will see more easily and capture more details and resolution.


TNG Charger with Background


Processing the 3D scan data of cars and vehicles.

The captured data out of the 3D scanner is a 3D point cloud. This is a dense collection of points (vertices), which will ultimately be surfaced into a regular 3D polygonal mesh with triangles or quads. In our pipeline, we put the data through filters and decimations with careful consideration to retain the maximum resolution required for the client or project. Noise reduction may also be used. After the entire car is surfaced, it can then be 3D modeled atop the scan data which is used as perfect 3D representive reference. Cars have very delicate lines and curves to them and so they must be built efficiently and precisely.


TNG Train



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