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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say...


"This is the fourth time Rodeo FX asked TNG VFX for some help with character scanning. The challenges were always high in terms of expectations and in the type of clients. Projects were delivered with such precision of time and quality that there are no doubts in my mind that experience and attention to details make for valuable assets for Nick Tesi and his group."


-- Andre U Montambeault, Head of Advertising at "Rodeo VFX"




”Nick and TNG have provided an important service for the Visual Effects team on Sleepy Hollow throughout Season 1. TNG's scanning mobility has proven essential to enable scans to take place on location in North Carolina, to be used later by VFX artists back in California. The quality of the mobile scan models is indistinguishable from the more ideal scanning conditions of in-studio scans. We look forward to future work with Nick and his team.”


-- Eddie Bonin, VFX Producer for "Sleepy Hollow - Season 1"




"I needed quality, so therefore, I called Nick Tesi. Over the years, Nick has never failed me. His team whipped in and scanned twice as much as humanly possible in half the time needed and delivered me excellent Lidar scans that were used extensively. Nick's my scan man. Wherever I am, whatever the circumstances, I can count on the team he provides. Thank you Nick, I'll be calling again.”


-- Janet Muswell Hamilton, VFX Producer for "Knight & Day" and patron of 3D scanning visual effects technology        





”I've worked with Nick Tesi for many years contracting 3D scans from him for several of the shows we work on and have always been secure in the knowledge that he would deliver quality work on time.  We recently called on Nick Tesi's new company TNG Visual Effects (The Nicholas Group) and he has once again proven himself with excellent service, speed and is providing even higher quality models than expected for our projects. Nick is dependable and will go the extra mile to make sure that we get what we need. I would recommend him and his company to any project needing 3D scanning.”


-- Al Lopez, Vice President of Creative Arts at Stargate Studios and TNG Visual Effects preferred client since 2010        





"What can I say about Nick Tesi except that he always delivers and does a terrific job. Over the past many years, I have had great experiences with Nick when I hire him to do any type of cyber scanning. His 3D digital models are superb and are of very high quality.  I know I can count on Nick to help create digital actors or digital models for any type of show. I would highly recommend Nick and his team for projects that requires any type of 3D cyber scanning. Thanks Nick for your help on "Vamps." See you on the next big one!"


-- Susan Zwerman, VFX Producer for “VAMPS”        




"I selected TNG Visual Effects and Nick Tesi for my 3D scanning needs based on our past history on other projects. He has always delivered on time at the price we agreed upon. His company is reliable and always proved to be a good choice of vendors. On my last project Nick arranged Lidar scanning and all worked out perfect. Nick has always been prompt, and helpful in supporting me to find the correct solutions.”


-- John Sullivan, VFX Supervisor        




We've been working with TNG Visual Effects ever since they started, and they've always been our vendor of choice when it comes to 3d scans. Nick and his team have always delivered extra high quality models with blazing fast turnaround, and he's always flexible to adapt to our constantly changing pipeline. He's been working under some pretty aggressive deadlines, with lots of models to deliver in a very short amount of time, but always took it in stride and never missed a delivery. We can't imagine working with anyone else when it comes to high-resolution scans for our characters. Just book the talent, call Nick, send him a template for topology and you'll get a model that you can literally plug and play into your cinematic.”


-- Jerome (Jed) Denjean, Senior CG Supervisor at Blur Studios and TNG Visual Effects preferred client since 2010       




“Nick and his team at TNG did a large scanning project for Zoic that required a very quick turnaround. On a day’s notice, he flew out of state, scanned all night on location, and came back the next day to start delivering models for our use.  Nick definitely went the extra mile for us!”


-- Doug Ludwig, Visual Effects Supervisor at Zoic Studio and purchaser of 3D scanning visual effects technology services        





Welcome to TNG VFX. Enjoy your stay. 3D Scanning in the Entertainment Industry