3D Scanning Services for the entertainment industry. Our locations include Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Montreal. Character scans are available as well as props, vehicles, buildings, or entire environments. We utilize structured-light, LIDAR, and photogrammetry.


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Viking Head


Viking Digital Character

Fire, earth, and brimstone fill his nostrils. The digital Viking perceives life just like us. That is because he is a real person whom we've scanned. His equipment and weapons are real. His expressions are as they are in real life. As we plow through the rivers of Valhalla and enter the future, more of the world becomes digital. Why? Because it's convenient to utilize the tools in different software packages that allow you to make changes quickly and efficiently. Similar to the reasons that cartoons or anime will utilize 3D opposed to drawing traditionally for vehicles. Having your assets in 3D also gives you access to a 3D camera which is of course capable of things not possible in the real world like a free roam without any strings attached or limitations, or if you recall the start of the film Fight Club, where the camera pans through and moves through the trash can at a microscopic level.

This character's weapons were kindly supplied by Tony Swatton of The Sword and the Stone - in Burbank, California. In the past, conceptual art was a process which took time, money, and many decisions. Think of the contrast of 3D scanning and using real people, real weapons, and real background scenes. Gone are the days where everything must be so stylized to avoid looking too realistic because the technology wasn't developed enough to create that realistic look. The problem is known as the uncanny valley. What we've noticed though is that breakthroughs in motion capture actually allow for more realism than we experience in our media. The future is here and now.

Viking Full Character Virtual Model

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