3D Scanning Services for the entertainment industry. Our locations include Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Montreal. Character scans are available as well as props, vehicles, buildings, or entire environments. We utilize structured-light, LIDAR, and photogrammetry.


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Victoria The Swordfighter

Victoria Model


Victoria comes to us from Puerto Rico. She is a talented sword fighter who is able to remain elusive while staying on the offensive. Unbeaten in formal competition, she has told us of many sword fighting battles, even those in which her enemy dawned a different sword than her, yet he knowledge of sword fighting techniques allows her to remain a force.

It is our wish to capture Victoria's graceful movements through motion capture to impart them onto her digital counterpart. We scanned her head, a dozen expressions, her body in her fencing outfit, her many swords, and in a second outfit, which she dawns for sword fighting outside of fencing competition. Nimble and fierce, her agility is unrivaled, and reminds us of what it is like to push the envelope in your given field. She has inspired us to push the walls further out in all directions. Ultimately we would like to see Victoria digitally sword fighting with our other sword fighters - The Viking and Carolyn the Cruel Mistress.

Stateside, she remains a learner of her craft, and hopes to dazzle eyes as do we with our 3D digital scans.

Victoria Digital Model


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