3D Scanning Services for the entertainment industry. Our locations include Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Montreal. Character scans are available as well as props, vehicles, buildings, or entire environments. We utilize structured-light, LIDAR, and photogrammetry.


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3D Scanned to Textured Zombie


Stargate Studios trusts TNG Visual Effects to meet all their 3D scanning needs. One of their projects included a request for us to scan a mannequin of a zombie for an upcoming TV Show. We used a structured-light scanning system to capture the 3D scan. Zombies have been an increasingly popular subject in horror fiction. They are human corpses reanimated to serve the undead. Ever since George A. Romero's Night of The Living Dead in 1968, there has been a steady demand for the unearthly creatures. Every year in the visual effects industry, these monsters, along with others, become more realistic. Zombies have no will of their own, but we can't promise the same for our hair-raising, skin-crawling 3D scans. They may cause strong emotions such as fear, awe, or admiration.

The TNG Visual Effects 3D character creation process begins with a raw scan. We then re-mesh the data into either a low or high poly mesh. Then we sculpt the model and apply textures. Our high quality models are always customizable. They can be delivered ready to rig and animate, per your request.


  Zombie 3D Scanned with 3D Scanned Car

Zombie Expressions



Zombie in Action


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